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Welfare Vehicles

Welfare Vehicles
The ultimate solution for combined passenger transportation that offers an equal way of transportation for people, regardless their physical disabilities. The system consists of integrated fixation systems for wheelchairs in combination with Flex-i-Trans folding seats enabling easy and fast adaptation of the minibus to the current transportation needs.

Working with the Flex-i-Trans SystemŽ requires hardly any physical effort and is therefore saving costs in many ways. High level of comfort for people with and without physical limitations. Respecting the privacy of wheelchair users. Wheelchair users have a free view outside, not obstructed by folded seats. The speed in which the wheelchairs are fastened prevents violation of privacy. A Flex-i-Trans wheelchair accessible minibus makes no difference between people with or without physical limitations.

In no time transformable from mini coach to wheelchair accessible minibus. The folding seats are folded against the side wall of the buses making room for a changing number of wheelchair users without the need to take out the seats. In this way the full capacity of the minibus is available at any time at any place. Contact Blackpool Design Coachbuilders for more information about the Flex-i-Trans SystemŽ.
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